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Construction, Design and Management Regulations 2015

Construction, Design and Management Regulations 2015

The new Construction, Design and Management Regulations (CDM) are due to come into force in the UK next month and they could affect the sale of a property if there is any renovation or other work carried out by a builder who does not comply with the rules.

The aim of the legislation is to reduce accidents during construction projects, it also specifies legal requirements on site safety standards that cover work including that carried out for home owners who live in the property after work has been completed. The legislation recognises that large construction sites are not a massive health and safety issue, instead smaller projects are proving to be more of an issue. As a result, the focus is shifting to smaller projects including those within the domestic sector.

Under the new rules from the 6th April all builders, whatever their size, working in the domestic sector will have to create a construction phase safety plan for all building projects and all domestic projects will have to meet the same basic standards for the provision of welfare facilities as commercial projects.

For the domestic sector this means that any construction projects finishing after the 6th April need to have a ‘handover pack’ including ‘built drawings or specifications of components that have been installed. Effectively this handover pack will be requested by a purchasers solicitors when the property is then sold.

For home owners considering making renovations and extensions to their home the above regulations will need to be taken into consideration, not only because of the health and safety reasons but also because the handover pack will be requested by the buyers when the owner comes to sell the house.

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