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Day Remembrance. 8th May 2015

Its not too late to Celebrate VE day. It was overshadowed by the General Election but don’t forget it is still th 70th year since the end of the war in Europe. So lets have a delayed but well deserved break from our worries and think how lucky we all are. The Queen will lead the ceremony by lighting the first of over 200 beacons across the country.

Britons lets have those lovely tea parties when the sine shines again. Even if it’s in your back gardens (when the sun shines) to commemorate our finest hour seventy years after the country broke out in triumphant celebration at the end of the terrible Second World War with the announcement that Germany had offered the unconditional surrender to the Allies that brought about the end of the war in Europe.

The capital celebrated with the Queen announcing the lighting of 200 beacons and three days of festivities are the anniversary at the Houses of Parliament, St Paul’s Cathedral and Trafalgar Square. They will be lit with V-shaped lights, mirroring the floodlights that bathed the buildings following our country’s victory 70 years ago.

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