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Lawyers Vs. Conveyancing Specialists

Lawyers Vs. Conveyancing Specialists

The Legal Services Act of 2007 introduced the concept of Alternative Business Structures (ABS), where legal practitioners or licensed conveyancers can handle a set of reserved legal services.

This simply means anyone involved in legal practice can offer conveyancing services. Hiring services of ABS or lawyers is not the same as having conveyancing specialists such as A V Rillo & Co. on the job. Lawyers doubling up as conveyancers may not be as effective as experienced professionals like A V Rillo & Co. as they are not experts in the field.

Legal practices with no clue regarding residential properties often opt for novice, unskilled staff to handle conveyancing as revealed by a report earlier this year, which was covering the conveyancing boom. The team at A V Rillo & Co., however, has about 50 years of collective experience that works in favor of the client.

There are several disadvantages when relying on the services of self-professed conveyancers. Delays in the transaction are likely, costly errors too are possible, and hidden costs definitely part of the deal. On the other hand, established firms such as A V Rillo & Co. with access to local authority and town planning data offer prompt results.

Notably, only 9% of projects handled by A V Rillo & Co. have failed in the last two decades. Transparent and clear pricing is characteristic of A V Rillo & Co. operations. The Internet has made it possible for genuine, small conveyancers and larger firms such as A V Rillo & Co. counter the new crop of ABS firms handling property conveyancing.

Legal expertise alone may not help with real estate deals, despite the affordable fees being advertised. However, investors may opt for “no-move, no-fee” services to avoid unnecessary conveyancing expenses, should the deal go cold. Reviews from long-term clients stand testimony to quality, speedy and affordable services from A V Rillo & Co.

Practicing lawyers too can offer conveyancing services, provided they have the time and experience to handle real estate deals. When in doubt, checking out services from A V Rillo & Co. can help choose a suitable legal representative for the transaction.

A V Rillo & Co. has an experienced team of licensed experts to handle tasks that can speed up transaction and offer personalized support and timely advice. Lawyers and ABS may again rely on local estate agents to carry out ground work, such as site inspection, which is a crucial part of the deal. Licensed conveyancers from firms like A V Rillo & Co. can offer expert opinion on ground conditions, when compared to novice hires and locals-turned-agents. A V Rillo & Co., however, works closely with its own set of trusted estate agents to verify and vet the reported details.

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