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National Insulation Standards

It has been suggested in recent report from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers that all new and existing homes in the UK should have to meet national insulation standards with incentives such as a cut in stamp duty for properties that meet them. The report also calls for insulation installers to have to sign up to a certification scheme similar to Gas Safe registration.

The report urges the government to urgently introduce legislation for a national insulation programme. This would then in turn cover every home in the UK and provide incentives for homeowners to install insulation to national standards. The report also covers those who cannot afford to pay, suggesting a national scheme to cover the cost of the work which would be funded by general taxation. It calls for installers of energy demand reduction measures to be trained to meet a mandatory competence registration, similar to the CORGI certification/Gas Safe Register for gas installers.

It is noted in the report that the UKs housing stock is some of the most poorly insulated in the developed world, largely because of the age of much of the countries domestic dwellings and the failure of successive governments to take the meaningful action required on energy efficiency measures. The report points out that the amount of money and fuel that is wasted on heating poorly insulated homes is very high, and in a time where the UK is facing a future of depleting UK gas reserves, it is clear that it is now time for urgent action to improve energy efficiency in UK homes.

The report also wants the government to recognise the importance of the installer community in achieving its energy security and decarbonisation goals for heat provision and introduce ‘free’ training alongside a new mandatory competence registration for installers of energy efficiency and sustainable supply systems.

Whether the report will have any effect on government or whether any legislation will be brought forward remains to be seen, however it is clear that the supplies of North Sea gas is no longer fit for purpose to meet the UKs future energy security challenges and social needs.

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