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Property Sale in London – What it Entails?

Property Sale in London – What it Entails?

Property markets in UK are abuzz with activity, with prices continuously on the rise, demand being greater in London, especially the East End. Free lease holders looking to leverage demand through licensed conveyancers need not look further than A V Rillo’s services to clinch a good deal.

What does it really take to sell a property in London? A V Rillo solicitors can help property owners understand the entire process, as well as guide and assist them to complete the transaction. Conveyancing a property sale involves transfer of property ownership from the seller to the buyer.

A V Rillo’s assistance in this seemingly simple process can save a lot of time and effort to avoid red tape and ready all the paperwork and the sale contract in a professional and speedy manner. A V Rillo specializes in leasehold services, making them the best source of advice on the sale of leasehold property.

Those looking to downsize homes or relocate can consult with A V Rillo solicitors to arrive at a cost-effective solution to specific requirements. Sellers should, in fact, get in touch with A V Rillo as soon as they’ve engaged an estate agent to advertise and negotiate a sale. Expert guidance often comes in handy to assess property value accurately to prevent underselling. As part of conveyancing a sale:

• A V Rillo solicitors facilitate finalizing a provisional sale agreement, gathering and exchanging documents and property details with the buyer, clarifying buyer queries, filling property information forms, preparing the sale contract – set the timeframe, conditions, initial deposit, etc.

• A V Rillo assists clients in signing contracts and exchanging them and collecting the initial deposit. It is, however, important for both parties to get all their doubts clarified before exchanging contracts as they cannot back out from the legally-binding exchange once it’s completed. Sellers can rely on A V Rillo’s services to ensure the financial credibility of the buyer.

• On the day of sale, A V Rillo representatives will be there to effect the deal on behalf of their clients, complete the sale, receive funds from the buyer’s lender, pass them on to the seller, and transfer property ownership to the buyer.

Conveyancing costs usually are either a flat fee or a fixed percentage of the property value. However, A V Rillo’s conveyancing fees are quite reasonable and potential sellers can directly get in touch with A V Rillo solicitors to discuss their requirements and seek advice any time of the day, without having to go through a call centre.

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