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The Croydon Property Forum

A group of landlords, letting agents and investors have failed in their bid to force a high profile council to reassess its scheme for licensing private rental properties.

A group of property professionals in the Croydon area called The Croydon Property Forum, had planned to overturn the local authority proposal to introduce compulsory licensing of landlords, who from October must now pay £750 per property every five years.

The court hearing to consider the request for a judicial review took place on 4th August, but the decision was made public only yesterday.

The Croydon Property Forum Ltd is a not for profit company they say they are “to protect the interests of Croydon landlords and to protect the identities of its members who are challenging Croydon Council over its pending borough wide landlord licensing scheme which in our opinion is unjust to private landlords and tenants, and damaging to the interests of the London Borough of Croydon.” 

Following the decision to refuse judicial review, it has been described by The Croydon council leader, Tony Newman as “developers and landlords who have sought to exploit the vulnerable and attack Croydon’s Labour council.”

With this scheme any landlord without a licence faces a fine of up to £20,000. Those who break the terms of their licence can be prosecuted and fined up to £5,000.

Landlords who register for a licence before the scheme’s introduction on October 1 will be charged £350, while those who apply later will pay £750 and over 1,000 landlords have so far registered claims with the council.

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