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The Spectator, no respect for estate agents.

The Spectator, no respect for estate agents.

The right-wing magazine, The Spectator, states that the traditional estate agent is not essential. Columnist Rory Sutherland refers to estate agents as being here to “merely serve as reputational insurance” “…to reassure a buyer the property is in good condition”.

With all the existing portals available now and with the introduction of new ones such as Onthemarket, it is easy to find your own property online than ever before. Sutherland comment, “After all, almost no one now uses an estate agent to find a house: we go to property websites instead. And, since we all assume the purpose of an estate agent is to find buyers for a house, a role usurped by Rightmove and Primelocation, we think the remaining days of the estate agency are few.”

Fortunately, for estate agents who read the spectator, there is some good news. The Spectator goes on to say that estate agents will still be around in the future, even on the high street, but not in the current capacity. Their main purpose according to the Spectator, is to provide service.

It’s all about the service clients receive. It’s like when buying a car. The majority of car buyers still go to a reputable dealer to see their type of car, and most probably buy from them than a private individual. This is due to the expertise customers receive when buying through a brand.  An estate agent brings this the property world, which gives comfort and security to both buyer and seller.

We would all be lying if we were completely sure of our futures. What do you think? We all need a 5 year plan. Do you know what your agency model is going to look like in 5 years’ time. Have you made a 5 year or even a 10  year plan. Don’t forget “fail to plan is a plan to fail”.

You’ve all got views. Share them, anything, radical or not.

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