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Who agrees a completion date in conveyancing?

This date is best organised between the estate agents and parties directly. This is because if it is left to the buyer and seller solicitors then there are likely to be delays as they cannot speak to both parties. It means that they have to ask their client for a date. The client then speaks to the agent or the other party, or both. They get back to their solicitor with a possible date. The solicitor then has to wright to their opposite number, the other solicitor, who then in turn takes instructions from their own client and so on, and then they have to get back to the other solicitor. This can go on and on and on. Far the simplest is for the estate agents to become involved. Speak to both parties. Negotiate a date where both parties are happy to fix.  Then ask each client to notify each solicitor. At that point the solicitors can exchange contracts. Only then, as each solicitor will need a fixed agreed date before they are allowed to exchange contracts.

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